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On this episode of AvTalk, we try to unpack what happened this week as C-band 5G wireless went live in the United States. And we talk with Matthew Wietstock from Western Michigan University about one of the paths young people can use to enter the aviation industry.
The ‘5G’ fiasco
US telecom companies turned on their C-band 5G transmitters this week and airlines were sent scrambling by the FAA trying to ensure their aircraft could operate safely. We discuss where this all started and what exactly is happening this week—and why it should have happened long before now.
Matthew Wietstock — Aviation Ambassador
We talk with Matthew Wietstock, an aviation ambassador at Western Michigan University, to learn about one of the ways people interested in aviation can get started in the industry.
Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Eruption
The volcanic eruption in Tonga had closed the the runway there after covering it completely in ash. The runway was cleared by hand allowing relief flights to begin arriving.
Dubai runway incursion
An Emirates 777 began its departure roll as another 777 was crossing the runway. The departing aircraft rejected its take off above 100 knots ground speed and exited the runway. Both aircraft then safely departed. The UAE is investigating.
No lasers for you
FedEx applied to attach laser-based anti-missile technology to Airbus A321 aircraft in 2019. That application came to light this week only to be quickly discontinued by the FAA. We walk through some of the big questions about this application, including the fact that FedEx doesn’t operate A321s.
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