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On this episode of AvTalk founder and editor of The Airline Observer, Brian Sumers, joins us to discuss the ruling by a US judge dissolving American Airlines and JetBlue’s Northeast Alliance and what that could mean for JetBlue’s acquisition of Spirit Airlines.
NTSB hosts runway incursion round table
NTSB chair Jennifer Homendy hosted a runway incursion round table discussion this week.
Tumult continues for Indian airlines
Go First has won a second victory against its lessors in court to keep its aircraft, but it could be a hollow victory as Pratt and Whitney says it has no engines to give the airline. Plus Jet Airways will likely remain firmly on the ground.
Italy could announce ITA Airways-Lufthansa deal this week
Show notes from the future! The deal has indeed been announced.
Lufthansa finding extra A350s
Lufthansa continues to enlarge its widebody fleet “opportunistically,” this time taking four former LATAM A350s.
Niceair filing for bankruptcy
Virtual Icelandic airline Niceair will file for bankruptcy. This follows HiFly Malta, the operator of its sole A319, removing the aircraft from service with Niceair and leasing it to other airlines.
Russian airlines headed back to Cuba, parking more aircraft
Rossiya will restart service to Cuba, UTair is parking a third of its helicopter fleet due to lack of parts, and the SSJ-New will enter production next year.
Korean Air-Asiana Airlines merger in doubt
Both the EU and US have indicated an unfavorable attitude toward the merger, with competition concerns chief among the objections.
Northeast Alliance, more like Northeast Goodbyeance
Brian Sumers — founder and editor of The Airline Observer — joins us to discuss the ruling dissolving American and JetBlue’s Northeast Alliance and what may come next for the two airlines. We also discuss possible impacts on JetBlue’s planned merger with Spirit Airlines.
Sustainability messaging takes a turn
Aviation executives are now saying what most anyone with a calculator and a bit of knowledge has known for while: sustainable aviation fuel will always cost considerably more than fossil fuel. What to do about that is still a subject of intense debate.
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