Cello Stories: Songs, music and stories from Beanstalk Arts

Cello Stories: Songs, music and stories from Beanstalk Arts od Beanstalk Arts

Beanstalk Arts

Join Becky and her cello for a new musical storytelling adventure with every episode! Sing, dance and play along with original songs, real instruments and re-tellings of some of your favourite traditional tales! Becky is a professional storyteller and early years practitioner, and runs regular storytime sessions with Beanstalk Arts in South East London, and writes and performs original kids music with her band 'Becky, Boris and the Beats'.If you're really enjoying this podcast, you can support Beanstalk Arts by buying us a virtual coffee at https://ko-fi.com/beanstalkarts (or of course you can come to a real life class or buy something from our online shop on our website at www.beanstalkarts.co.uk)

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Before we launch Season 2 of our Cello Stories podcast over summer '22, here's a very special bonus episode, made for bedtime, in what we're calling a 'Cello SNORE-ies' tale of Boris the Bird helping unite a village of grumpy animals by helping them cook a delicious meal of 'stone soup' together! It's full of cello tunes and ukulele songs, with me, Becky from Beanstalk Arts telling the tale. This bonus episode focusses more on the quieter songs, ending with some gentle lullabies and we really hope it'll help your little folk drift away to sleep. This was actually a special request from my youngest, Martha, as she often listens to our podcast at bedtime, so I wanted to make a special tale without all the energetic tunes!  If you're new to the podcast, why not check back to season 1 for a host of more energetic stories, and we're busy making season 2 at the moment, when I'll be joined by some special musical guests to introduce their instruments to tell the tales... We're keeping these podcasts free for everyone to access and free from adverts, BUT if you're enjoying them, and would like to help us find the time to make more episodes, we would be super grateful for your support! Please do review and share, and you can support this podcast by buying us a virtual coffee over at our 'ko-fi' page at https://ko-fi.com/beanstalkarts or head over to our website www.beanstalkarts.co.uk where you can book in for a real life class, or buy a copy of an album or an instrument or puppet from our online shop. In real life, we're based in SE London and run regular preschooler classes and weekend gigs and events, or you can often find me, Becky, popping up at various arts centres, schools and museums and libraries welding a cello and ukulele :) I'm available for hire for school visits and other collaborations, so do feel free to get in touch at becky@beanstalkarts.co.uk  Here is a little more info on the songs in today's podcast: - Hello and Welcome to Beanstalk Arts (our original song) - how we start all our sessions  - Boris the Bird - Sleepy version (our original song) ! Unlike our usual upbeat squawky song, today Boris the Bird is yawwwwwwning!  - Storytime Song (by Becky)  as featured in our first album 'Story Songs' - Row Your Boat (trad)- the instrument you can hear in this is the sansula, and this is the recording from our second album 'Kindness is Contagious' - Round and Round (by Becky) - excerpt - also from 'Kindness is Contagious' - 'Little Ripples' - we often use the lycra in our real life classes for this song, in today's recording I'm playing the amazing tongue drum I have borrowed from my friend Sharon  - Little Birds - another one from our album 'Kindness is Contagious' - we often like to dance with our scarves for this song - Lullaby - an original Beanstalk Arts tune from our first album - I See the Moon - a traditional song I often sing for my girls at bedtime. I've experimented with a 'low G' on the ukulele for today's recording to try and give a mellower sound. I really hope you enjoy today's podcast, I've loved making it for you, and I'll back very soon with our regular season 2 stories.

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