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A kid-friendly reimagining of Dracula, our Drac has a thirst... for knowledge! With help from his bestie, Wren, Drac sets out to learn all he can about the wonders of our world — how the sun works and why it's important to the solar system, how planes fly, how movies are made, how the nervous system helps our bodies function... and so much more! At the end of each day, Drac and Wren return from their learning adventures (via the Coffin of Curiosity) with Drac's thirst quenched, but they both know there is much more knowledge to drink up... and they can't wait to do it all again with each new day.

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Drac and Wren visit Wonder World amusement park for the first time together. Join them as they learn about the history and evolution of amusement parks, tracing their development from simple ice slides in 17th-century Russia to the iconic roller coasters and carousels that define modern parks.

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