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Are you listening to a podcast, as you search for a new podcast, because you’re obsessed with podcasts? This is the place for your ears. Gina Grad and Teresa Strasser (The Adam Carolla Show) celebrate and break down your favorite shows using audio clips and interviews to highlight the stuff that makes them burst out laughing, burst out crying and burst out into night sweats. (There's also a better than average chance that a clip they share will lead to a juicy reveal about themselves.) There are half a million podcasts in this world; G & T are here to help navigate with this weekly walk down podcast lane.

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Teresa and Gina both have new books out. Teresa went on the Adam Carolla Show to promote her new book, “Making It Home,” but it kind of sort of didn’t exactly come up. Gina picked Teresa up from the studio, and they had kabobs and discussed the swing and miss. They still love the Ace Man, despite his foibles. They discuss how Teresa’s book is now the top new baseball book in America, which is crazy, since it began as a few pages she read to this audience’s Patreon. Gina also recounts her awkward final appearance on Adam’s show, where they did, indeed, discuss her book MY EXTRA MOM. Yes, there’s self-promotional book talk all around, but it’s also an emotional, revealing and fun look behind the scenes.  

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