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Energy 360 examines the energy landscape from the intersection of policy, markets, technologies, and geopolitics. With commentary from leading energy and CSIS experts, we provide context and perspective on the most critical issues shaping energy today. Hosted by the CSIS Energy and National Security Program.

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This week on Energy 360, Peter Irvine (University College London) and Jesse Reynolds (Paris Peace Forum) talk with Joseph Makjut (CSIS) about the future of combatting climate change and how human interventions, including the potential of technologies like solar geoengineering, could play a role.   Guests: Dr. Peter Irvine, Lecturer in Climate Change & Solar Geoengineering, University College London (UCL) Earth Sciences. Dr. Jesse Reynolds, Senior Policy Officer, the Global Commission on Governing Risks from Climate Overshoot, Paris Peace Forum For more, check out their podcast, Challenging Climate

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