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Since 2010, siblings and journalists Abby Martin and Robbie Martin have been doing Media Roots Radio, a political podcast with a critical eye on US foreign policy, political partisanship and what people can do to fight back. Conversational, controversial, passionate and explicit, Media Roots stands apart from the majority of podcasts coming from a similar point of view. Listen to all previous episodes on soundcloud, itunes, spotify and stitcher. All $5 and up patrons get an exclusive bonus episode every month!

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Abby and Robbie Martin talk about how the Pentagon is the world's biggest institutional polluter and a massive contributor to climate change that is virtually absent from any environmental discussion. Abby explains their new Empire Files film Earth's Greatest Enemy, and the craziest moments from Scotland's COP26 UN climate summit. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this podcast please subscribe to Media Roots Radio on Patreon // Patreon subscribers at the $5 tier get access to an exclusive bonus episode and per month as well as access to the Florida 2001 Event Attacks Map by Robbie Martin. FOLLOW // // //

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    Fri, 29 Oct 2021
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