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According to Forbes, James Patterson makes an annual income of $80 million. Industry insiders have estimated it to be much higher. One said that Patterson earned 20% of all royalties earned by all authors in 2019, making him the highest-paid American author. 

Even though he sells the most books, I don’t hear his name mentioned often at writers conferences or in podcasts for authors.

I think it’s time to stop ignoring Patterson and investigate his methods. 

How is he so successful? Are there any marketing lessons from James Patterson’s approach that you can apply to your own marketing and writing? 

Lesson #1: Hone Your Craft with Short Stories

If you’ve been listening to the Novel Marketing Podcast for a while, you’ve heard me talk about writing short stories to improve your craft. You can imagine how excited I was to read in James Patterson’s memoir that he got his start writing short stories. 

As a young man, he had a summer job with a lot of downtime. He used that time to write short stories every week. Once he got a real job, he forced himself to wake up at 5:00 AM every morning to write. He did that for a decade before he got his first publishing contract. 

By the time Patterson wrote his first novel, he had written hundreds of short stories. 

In our course, The Five-Year Plan, our students write one short story monthly, but Patterson wrote one or two short stories every week while working a job. He also wrote them on a typewriter. 

Today, writers have the advantage of using tools such as dictationword processors, and AI writing assistants, so we have no excuses for not establishing a writing habit. 

If you’ve written a dozen short stories, you’re doing great! Keep writing. It takes a lot of practice to become a bestselling writer. 

If you’re looking for a shortcut in publishing, here’s the newsflash: there aren’t any. The Five-Year Plan is the shortcut. It takes most authors ten years or more before they can pay the bills with their writing. Overnight successes do not exist in this business. 

Before a traditional publisher releases a book, they send advanced reader copies (ARCs) to certain readers for feedback. The advanced reader feedback determines how much marketing money the publisher will spend on the book. The more positive the feedback, the more money the publisher will spend.

One of Patterson’s early ARC reviewers said, “I’m quite sure that James Patterson wrote a million words before he even started this novel.” 

Between his short stories and the marketing copy he’d written, Patterson had done the work to hone his craft. He didn’t look for shortcuts or tell himself he didn’t need to work hard because “God had called...

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