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For our last episode of this series Joanie and Oliver talks to the founder of the Access Folk research project Fay Hield and her colleague Esbjorn Wettermark. They discuss their methodology, how they have defined folk singing for the purpose of the project, and how they balanced intersectionality and collective experiences and barriers. Fay reflects on where new generations of singers might come from, where they might sing and the differences of getting young people involved in singing versus instrumental music. Wrapping up the series Joanie and Oliver reflect on the ecosystem that makes up the English folk scene and where we might go from here. You can learn more about Access Folk and what lies ahead on their website and through social media @AccessFolk Music in the episode: “Green Gravel” and “Old Adam (Reprise)” from Fay Hield’s album Old Adam (2016, Soundpost Records). All music used with permission from the artists and copyright holders.

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