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Our goal is to go underground with our athletes, but also industry experts in health, movement, nutrition, performance and mindset. We will take a look behind what makes todays high achievers stand out in their industries and in life… welcome to the underground!

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In this episode of The Movement Underground Radio, we talk to Dr. Elyse Tursi, Functional Medicine Practitioner. I met Dr. Tursi through social media, and we now share some mutual clients. Her approach to health goes DEEP. I mean really digging through bloodwork of her patients with a fine tooth comb. From there, she utilizes Enzyme Therapy, Nutritional guidance, and holistic treatment to help address the underlying causes of disease.

We talk in depth about her approach, but touch on the idea about how humans cohabitat with all sorts of “critters” like Mold, yeasts, bacteria, virus’, yes….virus’ that may lay dormant, or asymptomatic for many years until WHAM, they present with a myriad of symptoms.

She specializes in women’s health, but also has male clients, specifically when they are posed with difficult auto immune diagnoses.

It was a great conversation, and I am gratwful she stopped by to do the interview live! So much great info to unpack here!

To reach Dr Tursi, visit her online at

or on social media @drelysetursi. She puts a ton of free content on her Instagram and YouTube channels, so definitely check it out!

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