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hi, and welcome to lovely with lana. I am lana, your wellness princess, here to chat about everything from wellness to fashion. join me every weekend for an episode that is not only entertaining but can help you become the best version of yourself. Support this podcast:

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today I chat about everything. honestly…EVERYTHING about what has been going on in my life. and honestly, it has been a only been TON of work. some days, upwards of 16 hrs as I balance both my corporate internship, a start-up and then everything else like sleeping, having a social life, and working out. I come clean about my real name, and go through my top time-management techniques for how I get everything done without losing my mind or doing those “motivational-bro” schedules of like…getting up at 3 AM. no. just no. oh, and I mention that soon, there will be a “rebrand” of lovely with lana. while I absolutely adore pink, I want to include ALL the girlies that are into health, wellness, business, skincare, faith, and ultimately bettering themselves, no matter your fave color. I want to chat with you and build a community of like-minded girlies. so while the intro to the episode is gone (and honestly might not make a new one), and the aesthetic will stay pink-ish, I want to change the cover to represent who I am now, and really put in effort on making all the girlies feel welcome. 🤍 MENTIONS: ThoughtX (my connection app):  find all my socials and everything else here:    🤍 KEY WORDS: Confidence, wellness, pilates, fashion, coquette, pink pilates, pink pilates princess, girly fashion, lifestyle, soft-girl, aesthetic, weightlifting, gym-life, “that” girl podcast, girly podcast, pink, healthy, healthy food, lifestyle, luxury, workout, working out, consistency, discipline, self-care, self care, self love, business, entrepreneurship, friends, friendship, diet, weight-loss, healthy eating, morning routine, productive morning routine, 5 am club, millionaire mindset, school year, 4.0 student, intuitive eating, anti-diet culture, organization, productivity, skincare, haircare, romanticize your life. --- Support this podcast:

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