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David Altizer, Connor McCaskill

GHP is a show for camera nerds, coffee lovers, & content creators hosted by David Altizer & Connor McCaskill. Contact:

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🚨Full Disclosure🚨: We were invited to Japan to check out the new Panasonic LUMIX S9. All expenses were paid. That includes flights, travel from airport to hotel, food, and a five-day hotel visit in Osaka. They also provided a tour of some Japanese landmarks for those who wanted to partake. We could also take home a loaner S9 camera and other accessories, including the new 26mm f/8 lens. We are not allowed to sell the camera or accessories, and when we are done with the camera, we must send it back to LUMIX. Panasonic never asked us to make a video, nor have they had any insight into what we say in our videos, including this podcast. They did not watch this before its release and were not told it would even be made. 100% of our thoughts and opinions in this podcast are our own.

In this podcast, we discuss our opinions on the new S9 camera, its controversy, and the current state of the YouTube gear review space.

Watch Connor's first review here.


(00:00) Intro

(00:39) Disclaimer

(04:35) Thoughts on the LUMIX S9

(29:54) Can we just be nice?

(40:12) Make cameras fun again

(41:58) Lumix S9X??

(42:49) Why not buy a Canon R8?

(44:44) Should cameras have “personalities?”

(53:21) LUMIX S9 autofocus

(58:40) Overheating

(1:05:29) Entitled

(1:10:28) Objectively, would we BUY this camera?

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