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The Remix is a project-based curatorial team and podcast established to exhibit the work of underrepresented artists and research evolving business models in the art world. Founded in 2017 by three former colleagues from Mixed Greens gallery. It strives to create and promote new platforms that foster transparency, community, generosity, and the sharing of resources among artists and arts workers alike. The Remix Podcast is on a search for new models in the art world. In accordance with values of transparency and community, we’ve decided to make our research public. Each interview is a conversation with someone we admire for doing something a little differently, tweaking “the system,” reframing the conversation, or trying something entirely new. The goal is to learn from these people so that we (listeners included!) have a better chance of creating art world 2.0 with a more inclusive and sustainable foundation.

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The Remix welcomes Yulia Topchiy, Natasha Becker, and Paola Gallio, the amazing co-founders of Assembly Room, who staged 12 exhibitions, 16 performances, and monthly curatorial meetups in the gallery’s first year. They share their origin story—an arranged marriage—and how they fill a void for independent women curators. They didn’t think there was a need for another gallery so they created space and a home for independent curators: a commercial gallery with a nonprofit soul. They conversation on why they made that choice includes finances as well as freedom, flexibility, and ownership over mission. They walk us through their Open Call platform, the gallery space vs the project space downstairs, what they’re looking for in a proposal, and their interest in mentorship, collaboration, and family. Toward the end of the conversation, their kinship with artist-run spaces becomes clear and there are shout outs to Spring Break, Pioneer Works, Canada gallery, A.I.R. gallery, and others who paved the way for their new model. We end on day jobs and dreams for the future. Picture utopia on a beach. Assembly Room is an art gallery and space for independent women curators to achieve success through community. We believe in coming together to collaborate, break the rules, defy the status quo, and create compelling art, exhibitions, and experiences.Assembly Room’s three founding curators are: Natasha Becker, Paola Gallio, Yulia Topchiy. @assemblyroomnyc

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  • 38 - Yulia Topchiy, Paola Gallio, and Natasha Becker, Founders of Assembly Room 
    Tue, 28 Jan 2020
  • 36 - Katherine Gressel, Independent curator, artist and writer 
    Tue, 28 Jan 2020
  • 32 - Kóan Jeff Baysa, Curator, Collector, and Physician 
    Tue, 28 Jan 2020
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