House of House: A House Rewatch Podcast

House of House: A House Rewatch Podcast od Andrew Tavin

Andrew Tavin

It's the House rewatch podcast you've been waiting for! Lenny Burnham and Andrew Tavin are joined by guests to cover the most impactful show of all time, episode by episode. Together we'll explore all the important questions like: "How is House not fired?" "which of these doctors should kiss?" "Does anyone else work in this hospital?" "What if House had a gun?" And more! There will be laughs and trenchant analysis in equal measure, so come on in for the House of House Party!

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If you wanted to learn a little bit about the history of the Romani people in New Jersey, thus is the podcast episode for you!

Writer, director, and all around friend and funny guy Gabriel Laks joins us to look at a... mostly sympathetic look at Roma people? We think? If any Romani Cuddy Buddies are listening let us know!

Of course there's a lot more fun to be had! Hear a story about a nice lady who recommended a certain musical to Gabe and me cause of our "love of cursing." Find out why you should never swallow a toothpick! Learn about a weird little bigot Andrew met at smart person camp. And so much more!

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    Mon, 19 Feb 2024
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    Mon, 05 Feb 2024
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  • 63 - House of House Episode 63: "Merry Little Christmas" 
    Mon, 08 Jan 2024
  • 62 - House of House Episode 62: "Finding Judas" with Alexa Feeney 
    Mon, 25 Dec 2023
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