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Join me as we revisit, re-examine, and reminisce about the life, times, films and death of Hollywood's most beloved star--Marilyn Monroe.

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Part 2 of 3 with Donald McGovern here is some of what we cover in the interview. Dr. Greenson and how he weaved and tangled Eunice Murray in the entire scenario in the last months of Marilyn’s life. What Anthony Summers presented to the public was pure fiction—and dragging Marilyn thru the mud. We had a good laugh at the expense of Jeanie Carmen’s—with her assertion that she was on 5th Helena the morning of Marilyn’s death—anyone who’s been to or have seen photographs of the cul-de-sac knows that it is impossible to maneuver a large car such as hers. The unprofessionalism of Marilyn’s three doctors--who were prescribing and we can say over prescribing—medication to Marilyn. We went over June DiMaggio’s complete fabrication of her book and auction items she peddled. As well as, the concern of the endless supply of items the Strasberg’s seem to have of Marilyn. Also, touch on Mrs. Pollard—she was the woman who was said to have seen RFK along with the other ladies who were playing a game of bridge. It is claimed that he was seen by this card playing crew yet they were never put on the record. To the Thomas Cutchel affair which ended both Jack Clemmons and Cappel careers. If you haven’t read about this—you should and it goes into more detail in McGovern’s books. We go briefly into the water access or lack of water--due to water being shut off—Marilyn regardless was not without water because there was a Mexican water jug next to her bed. To the washing of Marilyn's bedsheets as was on record by Jack Clemmons. To covering Marilyn’s last hours and the possibility of her passing. The movie I mention—I will post a link for all of you to view. It is very interesting because--they go thru several scenarios and debunks theories thru science. Just as Donald’s book. Link to video mentioned in the show The Look At The Death Of Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy Theories August 4th 1962: What are your thoughts about Marilyn’s death—suicide--accidental or probable suicide. I want to believe that she didn’t take her life--like many of us…it’s a lot to process and even more so to accept. Cheers, Samantha

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