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Science, pop culture, and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and Director of New York's Hayden Planetarium, and his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities, and scientific experts explore astronomy, physics, and everything else there is to know about life in the universe. New episodes premiere Tuesdays. Keep Looking Up!

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What are the top myths in the health and fitness industry? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly explore pseudoscience, “quick fix” fads like Ozempic, and how to navigate wellness with exercise scientist, Dr. Nick Tiller.

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  • 1004 - Fact and Fiction of Health and Wellness with Dr. Nick Tiller 
    Fri, 26 May 2023
  • 1003 - Black Hole Bonanza: StarTalk Live! With Janna Levin and Jenny Greene 
    Tue, 23 May 2023
  • 1002 - Cosmic Queries – Quantum Computing with Michio Kaku 
    Tue, 16 May 2023
  • 1001 - Cosmic Queries – The Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies with Charles Liu 
    Fri, 12 May 2023
  • 1000 - Cosmic Queries – Cool Worlds with David Kipping 
    Tue, 9 May 2023
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