Let’s Learn Croatian

Let’s Learn Croatian od Let’s Learn Croatian

Let’s Learn Croatian

A podcast dedicated to learning the Croatian language and culture in a fun round about way. Hosted by Uncle Mike and co-hosts Tony D & DJ MOE. This podcast is intended for the person looking to learn general phrases or the person who needs to brush up; all are welcome and it’s fun for the whole family. So join us as we laugh and learn our way through each episode. See you there! - LLC

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Dobar dan prieteljie!

Summer is here and we want to make sure that you know some key vocabulary to get you through it. Uncle Mike has some key Croatian words to help keep you cool no matter where you are practicing the language.

And DJ MOE will talk to us a little bit about one of Tony D's favorite things in the whole wide world, Sok! The Super Slatko Report is really going to live up to its name in this episode.

Fun and learning awaits!


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  • 77 - Episode 75 - Nothing says Summer like the plaža & sun burns and we talk Sok! 
    Sun, 03 Jul 2022
  • 76 - Episode 74 - a Dad joke free Fathers Day lesson and we learn about Otok Pag 
    Sun, 19 Jun 2022
  • 75 - Episode 73 - We have a new LLC Sing-A-long and we talk about the living legend Luka Modrić! 
    Sun, 05 Jun 2022
  • 74 - Episode 72 - LLC Fun with a new Croatian Rhyme and we talk Lotrščak Tower and the FUNicular! 
    Sun, 22 May 2022
  • 73 - Episode 71 - 3 LLC hosts walk into a kafič! and let's talk Paklenica National Park 
    Sun, 08 May 2022
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