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Health Report - Full program podcast od ABC Radio

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Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.

Radio: ABC Classic FM

Kategorije: Zdravlje

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  • 736 - What COVID-normal might mean; hearing loss and screening kids; depression and inflammation; genes and the heart 
    Mon, 24 Jan 2022 - 0h
  • 735 - Depression in adolescents, cancer analytics and screening, saunas and reduced dementia risk, unusual cervical cancer transmission article 
    Mon, 01 Feb 2021 - 0h
  • 734 - Coronavirus vaccine hesitancy, breast cancer genes, low carb diets and COVID-19 mobility data 
    Mon, 25 Jan 2021 - 0h
  • 733 - Psychedelic drugs and the brain 
    Mon, 18 Jan 2021 - 0h
  • 732 - How much do you want to know about the secrets in your DNA? 
    Mon, 11 Jan 2021 - 0h
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