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The Science Show gives Australians unique insights into the latest scientific research and debate, from the physics of cricket to prime ministerial biorhythms.

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Friendship led ancient humans to cooperate and gain an edge over predators. Compassion is seen among 25 primates and other animals. Today we explore these qualities and meet scientists investigating the role of friendship in our evolution and our lives in the modern world.

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  • 841 - The science of friendship 
    Sat, 13 Apr 2024 - 0h
  • 840 - The amazing world of alpine plants 
    Sat, 06 Apr 2024 - 0h
  • 839 - Meet the man who changed the world forever 
    Sat, 30 Mar 2024 - 0h
  • 838 - Big things 
    Sat, 23 Mar 2024 - 0h
  • 837 - US National Center for Atmospheric Research 
    Sat, 16 Mar 2024 - 0h
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